About the Author

Rebecca McKinnon is a speculative fiction author and recipe developer. She’s spent most of her life with her paper-and-ink friends. She began studying classical music at the age of six, and loved creating stories for each piece of music she learned. For years she couldn’t follow a recipe to save her life and still ended up with tasty meals. Rebecca lives near Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, two sons, a daughter, and a grumpy old cat.


Rebecca also enjoys:

Making messes in the kitchen — but she doesn’t love the cleaning that follows.

Knitting. The feel of good wool is so comforting! Anything on her needles will do, but cozy sweaters, fingerless gloves, and shawls are favorites.

Gardening. The feel and scent of the soil are addictive, and watching seeds sprout is so exciting! But nothing beats harvest time and the fresh produce it brings.

Reading, of course, as is evidenced by her home library.

Building Legos with her kids (or on her own, because Legos don’t need an excuse).