I was a guest blogger over at Swordfights & Starry Nights and shared my highly-sought-after recipe for Chewy Ginger Cookies. If you like ginger, you’ll love these! Just be sure to make enough, because they disappear quickly, especially if you have any helpers. . . . You can find them here or by clicking on the picture.

People liked the cookies so much that I was asked to be a contributor to the blog. Head on over there for more goodies!


There’s fun eye candy for a certain up-and-coming project on my Pinterest page. If you want a peek, look on my “Steampunk Project” board.

For the same project, there’s a fabulous survey map that was made around the time a story-in-the-works takes place. It’s highly detailed, and a lot of fun to explore. You can find it here.

One more thing, and it’s not on my Pinterest — for an amazing picture of an airship you should really see this picture.